Mac Miller Tiny Desk: The 2018 Concert is Now Available on Vinyl

The rapper’s estate and NPR Music have collaborated to release two new Mac Miller vinyls to mark the album Swimming’s five-year anniversary: a limited edition Swimming vinyl and an NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert vinyl that presses the artist’s historic 2018 Tiny Desk Concert.

The three songs Mac performed live at the NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C. are “Small Worlds,” “What’s the Use?” (with Thundercat on bass), and “2009,” and they are included on the NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert vinyl. The record features a colorful outside design with a B-side etching and a silver “Love Always” inscription from Mac across the center, all done in translucent blue.

Mac Miller Tiny Desk: The 2018 Concert is Now Available on Vinyl

For the Swimming set, a tri-fold jacket and a double-walled slipcase with rainbow foiling are included in the packaging. The set includes two vinyl records, which are each covered in clear plastic to display their artwork.

Mac Miller Tiny Desk will be Covered with Pink and Blue Color Scheme

The cotton-candy color scheme on each record, which combines vivid pinks and blues with hints of clear milky tones to create a glossy marble effect, perfectly captures the ethereal nature of the album. The Swimming 5-year Anniversary vinyl also comes with a silver printed poster in addition to eight 12″ x 12″ lyric cards.

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Swimming will also receive a special audiovisual presentation, which Mac’s estate revealed earlier this week and is slated to film in LA’s Dolby Theater later today. The event is already sold out, however @92tilinfinity, the Mac estate’s official Instagram account, stated that a second screening has been added for 8 PM due to “overwhelming demand.” For this screening, new RSVP confirmation emails have been sent.

The Swimming 5-Year record as well as the NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert vinyl may be purchased on Mac Miller’s official website along with a ton other Swimming merchandise. The Swimming 5-Year vinyl sells for $80 USD and the NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert vinyl costs $28 USD.

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