Genshin Impact Anime Set to Debut Soon: Prepare for Adventure!

There’s no denying that Genshin Impact is the most well-liked Gacha ARPG, and now it even has its own anime series! Hoyoverse is collaborating with notable, a Japanese animation studio, to turn Genshin into an anime series. Genshin Impact was made by the same people who gave us Demon Slayer, and while the teaser included both Paimon and the Tevyatian terrain, it didn’t reveal much about the plot.

Fans have been eager to see the Genshin cast in an anime since the program was announced in September 2022, but where can they catch it? When is it expected to be available? Detailed information about Genshin Impact is provided below. Release information, cast, and more for the upcoming anime.

Genshin Impact Anime: Release date, Trailer Characters and Storyline

No studio has officially announced when the anime will be available. We estimate a release date of 2024–2025, but because the producers haven’t yet announced the anime’s title, the wait could be significantly longer.

Genshin Impact’s fame has spread like wildfire, but do you think it has the potential to crash the web? In the past, on October 8, 2017, when Goku’s new appearance in Dragon Ball was a global phenomenon, an event occurred. Fans of Japanese animation had a reaction you wouldn’t believe. In fact, there was so much traffic that day that Internet servers went down. One Piece fans agree that the forthcoming publication of the Luffy Gear 5 episode will almost certainly cause a global internet outage.

Genshin Impact Anime Release date (1)

The Genshin impact anime trailer combined images of the Twin Towers with those of Tevyat’s surroundings. Those who have played the role-playing game know that one of the Twin Towers is sealed and the other rises from hibernation after 500 years. The concept trailer, however, gives the impression that both buildings would be shown in the anime. It has been theorized that the anime will act as a prologue to the game.

You may get the most up-to-date information about the release dates of anime by clicking the links that we have provided below:

What does the Mysterious Message from Genshin Impact have to do with the Canonical Anime?

A tweet by @GenshinImpact appears to be a joke, but it could be a code for important anime news or something else entirely. If the code is cracked, it might mean that players will get some kind of update on August 19, 2023. Specifically, it may have anything to do with upcoming events in Paris, New York, Tokyo, or Taipei.

On August 2, 2023 at 9:00 pm PT, the official GenshinImpact Twitter account posted the following message: “fjhiupofojof QBSJT OZD UPLZP UBJQFJ.”

This is not an error. These are the same characters used by miHoYo in his Twitter post. To decipher this, you must utilize a “Caesar Cipher,” in which every letter of the alphabet is shifted down by one position.

Each of the letters above can be shifted to the alphabetic position before it using the Caesar Cipher. Letters like “f” and “j” will change to “e” and “I,” respectively.

Since August is the eighth month of the year, the first portion of the message likely foretells an event that will take place on August 19. All the rest of those communications are destined for various locations all across the world.

  • Paris, France
  • New York
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Taipei, Taiwan

Meanwhile, there has been no official announcement of when the Genshin Impact anime would premiere or any promotional teasers.

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