Maine State Troopers Fired a Shot at an Explosive-laden Truck at the US-Canadian Border

Police claim a state trooper in Maine opened fire on a truck whose driver had allegedly posted a notice indicating he was carrying explosives inside before continuing on his way to the Canadian border. According to a statement released by the Maine State Police, the trooper initially attempted to pull over the vehicle at approximately 10:39 a.m. on Monday in Houlton, Maine.

The statement doesn’t explain why the trooper tried to pull the truck over at first. “The vehicle continued northbound without stopping, and the Trooper observed a sign indicating that the operator had an explosive device on-board,” the statement said.

There was a point where the truck halted between the US and Canadian border crossings “where troopers commanded the driver to get out of the vehicle,” according to the police. Driver “maneuvered the truck towards the Canadian Port of Entry and Corporal Eric Paquette shot at the driver,” the statement reads.

The news can be confirmed by the tweet below:

The driver turned themselves into the police without incident. Tony Holford, 42, of Providence, Rhode Island, was the one behind the wheel, according to the police. Aroostook County police arrested Holford and took him to jail.

The statement claims that he was charged with three counts of aggravated reckless behavior, including terrorizing and failing to stop. CNN was unable to confirm whether or not Holford is now represented by counsel.

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“The Office of the Maine Attorney General and the Maine State Police are collaborating with Canadian authorities to investigate the incident,” says the statement. CNN contacted New Brunswick law enforcement and the RCMP but did not immediately receive a response to its inquiry about the possibility of an explosive device having been discovered in the vehicle.

The Maine State Police Bomb Squad and crime scene investigators will reportedly work through the night to piece together what happened. Canadian Border Services Agency’s Atlantic region tweeted late Monday that the investigation was concluded and all lanes at the Woodstock border crossing had reopened.

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