Man Lures 7-year-old With Candy From Store Bathroom and Grabs Him

A guy tried to take a child from a convenience store bathroom by giving him candy, New Jersey State Police say.

When he couldn’t get the 7-year-old boy to come with him, he grabbed the boy’s arm and tried to drag him out of a Wawa store on State Highway 47 in Dorchester on May 28.

The post below confirms the news:

But the man couldn’t hold on to the boy, state police said in a May 29 news statement.

“The unknown man left before the child’s family could find him,” police said in a statement.

WPVI-TV says that at first, the boy was waiting for his mother when the man walked up to him.

Authorities are asking people to get in touch with them if they know anything about the man, who was said to be older and had not been found as of May 30 afternoon.

Police surveillance pictures show that the suspect had gray hair that was combed back and was wearing a maroon T-shirt and blue jeans on May 28 inside the Wawa.

Wawa is a chain of convenience shops on the East Coast that sells food and gas.

McClatchy News asked the New Jersey State Police if there was any new information on May 30 and was looking for a reply.

About 40 miles south of Atlantic City is the town of Dorchester.

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