Man Steals A Car In Holly Hill With A Child In The Backseat And Leaves Him In Another Area Of The City

In Holly Hill on Thursday morning, a guy stole a car with a toddler inside, but when he fled, the youngster was released in another area of the city, according to police.

According to Holly Hill Police Chief Jeff Miller, the 2-year-old was recovered unharmed and was reunited with his parents.

The culprit, who looks to be a teenager, is being sought by police. Miller said that he is at large and driving a 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan with the Florida license plate AJ79FA.

Miller claimed that the incident happened when the mother of the child drove up to the child’s grandmother’s house in the 200 block of Clifton Avenue and quickly raced inside.

With the engine running, the woman left the 2-year-old son safely buckled in a car seat in the back of the car.

At that point, the suspect stole the vehicle, according to Miller.

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A passerby in the 200 block of State Avenue discovered the child on the side of the road about 30 minutes later and phoned the police.

The kid was uninjured and was later reunited with his parents, according to Miller.

Sgt. Tom Bentley of the Holly Hill police asks that anybody with information on the car’s whereabouts or sightings phone him at 386-248-9478.

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