Man’s Death at Grand Canyon Skywalk Was Ruled a Suicide

A man killed himself in the Grand Canyon after falling 4,000 feet from a viewing stand.

The thing happened at the Grand Canyon Skywalk on June 5 at about 9 a.m. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office only knew that the man was 33 years old.

The Hualapai Police Department said it was a suicide, which was confirmed by a spokesperson from the company that runs the Skywalk, Grand Canyon Resort Corporation.

The post below from Mohave county sheriff’s office give all the deets:

The Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped glass bridge that goes out 70 feet from the canyon walls and lets people look straight down into the Colorado River, which is 4,000 feet below.

Lea Cooper, the resort’s marketing director, said that after the death, the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation is reviewing its safety rules.

“Our guests’ safety is the most important thing. We have both people on the ground and video cameras watching the Skywalk and other parts of Grand Canyon West,” Cooper wrote in an email. “The Grand Canyon Resort Corporation is always looking at its rules and procedures to make sure that all of its visitors are safe.”

Jolle Baird, a public affairs expert at Grand Canyon National Park, says that there were 11 deaths in the park in 2022, and one of them was a suicide.

“It’s really hard for Grand Canyon here. We have probably close to 40 miles of the canyon rim, so we don’t have suicide prevention messages at specific places of view, Baird said. “Rangers are on call 24/7 to help people who might be in trouble.”

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The body of the guy was found and taken to the Hualapai Nation, where it will be looked into further.

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