Maryland Man Arrested for Allegedly Impersonating Police Officer in Attempted Traffic Stop

A Maryland man, Carl Colston, was apprehended after allegedly impersonating a police officer and attempting to conduct a traffic stop.

The incident occurred on July 8 in Greenbelt, Maryland, when Colston reportedly drove behind a victim, honking and flashing his vehicle lights. The victim alerted authorities, leading to Colston’s arrest several days later. Police are urging anyone who may have had similar encounters with Colston to come forward.

The Impersonation Incident

On July 8, Carl Colston, 47, allegedly posed as a police officer and attempted to pull over a victim on the off-ramp of Greenbelt Road at 201 Northbound. The victim reported the incident to the Greenbelt Police, stating that Colston approached from behind in his black Crown Victoria, honking and flashing his interior lights.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Upon signaling for Colston to pass, the victim observed him flashing a badge and then stopping in the roadway. Colston proceeded to mimic the actions of a police officer, driving back behind the victim and attempting to conduct a traffic stop.

Impersonation and Threats

According to the victim’s account, Colston donned a Maryland Marshal tactical vest, displayed a badge, and identified himself as an officer. He even called for backup using a handheld radio. While holding a black pistol, Colston did not point it directly at the victim but raised it visibly during the encounter.

Aware of the seriousness of the situation, the victim informed Colston that the police were being contacted and recorded the interaction. Colston then returned to his vehicle and left the scene.

Arrest and Investigation

Law enforcement officials arrested Carl Colston on July 13 at 9:10 p.m. during a traffic stop conducted several days after the impersonation incident. The arrest was made based on the information provided by the victim and subsequent investigation.

Appeal for Witnesses

Authorities are urging individuals who may have had interactions with Carl Colston while he impersonated a police officer to come forward. Their accounts and cooperation can aid in the ongoing investigation and help determine if there are additional victims who have not yet reported similar encounters.

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