Off-duty Cop Was Killed After Witnessing a Crime at a Gas Station

After being a witness to a crime that occurred at a petrol station in North Carolina, an off-duty police officer was then tragically shot.

According to a statement released by Chief John Thompson, an anonymous Greensboro Police Sergeant was present during the commission of a crime that took place at a petrol station in the neighborhood on the afternoon of December 30.

It was then he approached the two suspects that he was opened fire on. Following the provision of medical assistance at the scene, the sergeant was taken to a local hospital, but he ultimately passed away as a result of his injuries, according to Mr. Thompson.

It had been 23 years since the sergeant had started working for the department.

Witnessing Crime at Gas Station

In a statement released on Saturday evening, Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina stated that the suspects were still at large throughout the day.

According to a post that Mr. Cooper made on X, which was then known as Twitter, “Earlier this evening, I had a conversation with Greensboro Police Chief Thompson, offering all of the state resources that are available to catch those who killed a Greensboro police officer.”

According to a local news site, Fox 8, Greensboro broke its previous record for the most killings in a single year in 2023, with 65 individuals having been killed as of November. The city’s previous record for the number of homicides was 62 in the year 2020.

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