One Suspect in Rockdale County Shooting Arrested, Another at Large

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office has arrested one person in connection with a shooting that happened in a man’s home on May 13. The man was shot three times in the head.

The second suspect, who has been named, is being looked for by the sheriff’s office.

Around 2:30 p.m., there was a “trouble call” at a house on Fountain Crest Drive.

When deputies went into the house, they found a 45-year-old guy who was not awake but was still conscious and barely breathing.

The victim looked like he or she had been shot three times in the head, and deputies took him or her to the hospital.

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The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office has been asked for the names of the suspects and to say which of the two guys is still at large.

Call the sheriff’s office if you know where the last suspect is.

The deputies haven’t said whether or not the person lived or died.

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