Person Found Alive After Being Trapped in Ravine for 5 Days

A person who had been trapped at the bottom of a 100-foot ravine for five days was rescued by firefighters on Saturday, September 4, 2023. The person was driving a pickup truck that went over the cliff between Arvin and Stallion Springs, two cities near Bakersfield, north of Los Angeles.

How Did the Person Survive?

The person, who has not been publicly identified by the authorities, was injured and immobilized at the bottom of the ravine since Tuesday, August 29. It is not clear how they managed to survive for so long without food, water, or medical attention. The person may have had some supplies in the truck or used their survival skills to endure the harsh conditions.

How Was the Person Found?

The person was found after a passerby reported seeing a pickup truck at the bottom of the ravine off Comanche Point Road on Saturday morning. The Kern County Fire Department responded to the call and deployed a rope rescue system to lower firefighters down to the person. They secured the person to a stokes basket and raised them to safety.

Firefighters saved someone who was stuck in a pickup truck at the bottom of a steep, rocky area near Los Angeles. The person had been trapped there for five days:

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What is the Person’s Condition?

The person was taken by an ambulance to a landing zone, where they were flown to an area hospital for treatment. The extent of their injuries and their current condition has not been released by the hospital or the fire department. No other injuries were reported in the incident.

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What Are the Lessons Learned?

The person’s miraculous survival and rescue is a reminder of the importance of being prepared for emergencies and having a way to communicate with others in case of accidents. The person may have benefited from having a cell phone, a GPS device, a first aid kit, or a distress signal in their truck. The person may also have avoided driving on unfamiliar or dangerous roads, especially at night or in bad weather. The person’s ordeal also shows the dedication and bravery of the firefighters who risked their lives to save them.

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