Cal City Shooting: Man Shot in the Head Survives, Suspect Arrested

A man was shot in the head in Cal City but survived the attack. The suspect was arrested on the scene and charged with attempted murder and related offenses. The incident occurred on Sept. 3, at around 11 a.m., at the 20000 block of 83rd Street in Cal City. According to the police, officers responded to a report of a shooting and found a man suffering from a gunshot injury to the head.

They also found a suspect on the scene and arrested him. A firearm was recovered from the location. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect was booked into the Kern County Jail on attempted murder and weapon charges. The police did not identify the names of the victim or the suspect at this time.

Who is the Suspect?

The suspect is a 44-year-old man from Fullerton, California, named Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez. He is also accused of killing four people, including a 9-year-old boy, in a mass shooting at an office complex in Orange, California, in March 2023. Gonzalez was charged with four counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder, among other charges, for the Orange shooting.

He is eligible for the death penalty, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s office. Gonzalez was shot in the head and hand by the police during the Orange shooting and remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition. He was scheduled to be arraigned from his hospital bed on Sept. 5, but his hearing was postponed due to his medical condition.

Police went to 83rd Street in Cal City after they got a call. When they got there, they saw a man who had been shot in the head:

Cal City Shooting Suspect Arrested
Cal City Shooting Suspect Arrested

What is the Motive?

The motive for the Cal City shooting is still under investigation by the police. However, authorities have said that the Orange shooting was a targeted attack and that Gonzalez had a personal and business relationship with some of the victims.

The victims of the Orange shooting were identified as Luis Tovar, 50, the owner of United Homes, a company that specializes in mobile and manufactured homes; Leticia Solis Guzman, 58; Jenevieve Raygoza, 28; and Matthew Farias, 9. Raygoza was Tovar’s daughter and Farias was her son.

A female victim who was wounded in the Orange shooting remains in critical but stable condition. The police have not revealed any details about how Gonzalez obtained the firearms used in both shootings or whether he had any prior criminal history.

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How Did the Community React?

The Cal City shooting has shocked and saddened the community, especially since it happened just days after another shooting in Bakersfield that left six people dead, including an infant. Cal City Mayor Chuck McGuire expressed his condolences to the victim and his family and praised the police for their quick response and arrest of the suspect.

He also urged residents to report any suspicious activity or signs of violence to prevent further tragedies. The Orange shooting also sparked outrage and grief among the community and beyond. Hundreds of people attended a vigil for the victims at a park near the office complex where they were killed. Many expressed their anger at the gun violence epidemic and called for stricter gun control laws.

The families of the victims have also filed lawsuits against Gonzalez and United Homes, alleging negligence and wrongful death. They claim that Gonzalez had a history of threatening and harassing Tovar and his employees and that United Homes failed to provide adequate security measures at its premises.

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