Police Allege She K!lled Her Husband After She Wrote a Book About His De@th

Last year, when her husband died, she wrote a book about grief for kids. She is now accused of killing him.

Kouri Richins was caught in Utah on Monday. According to the charges against her, she killed her husband by giving him a lethal dose of fentanyl at their home in Kamas, a small mountain town near Park City.

Prosecutors say that in March 2022, Richins called the police in the middle of the night to say that her husband, Eric Richins, was “cold to the touch.” The mother of three told the police that she made her husband a vodka drink to celebrate the sale of their home, and then she went to their bedroom to put one of their kids to sleep. She came back later and found her husband not moving, so she called 911.

A medical expert later found five times the amount of fentanyl that would have killed him in his body.

The tweet below verifies the news:

In addition to the murder charge, Richins is also accused of having GHB, which is a drug for narcolepsy that is often used for fun, like at dance clubs.

The charges come two months after Richins appeared on local TV to promote “Are you with me?,” a picture book she wrote to help kids deal with the death of a loved one.

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For a piece called “Good Things Utah,” Richins said that her husband’s death came as a shock and talked about how it affected her and her three sons. She said that grief for children meant “making sure that their spirit is always alive in your home.”

“It’s explaining to my child that just because he’s not physically here with us doesn’t mean that his presence isn’t here with us,” she told the reporters, who told her she was a great mother.

Skye Lazaro, Richins’s lawyer, would not say anything about the charges.

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