Sheriff Requests That The Suspect Accused Of Killing A Deputy Be Transferred To A State Facility

According to court documents, the Marion County sheriff has requested that a prisoner suspected of fatally strangling one of his deputies this week be transferred to another jail.

Sheriff Kerry Forestal requested that Orlando Mitchell be transferred to the Indiana Department of Correction in a motion that was filed on Wednesday, claiming that Mitchell’s presence in the county jail puts others at risk for significant physical harm or perhaps death.

Mitchell was apprehended Monday afternoon after, according to law enforcement officials, he was captured on camera allegedly strangling Marion County Sheriff’s deputy John Durm to death with his handcuffs. Durm was taking Mitchell back to the Criminal Justice Campus after a doctor’s visit.

Both males were knocked to the ground as a result of a scuffle. According to court papers, Mitchell continued to press against Durm until the deputy stopped moving. The cause of death for Durm was ruled by the Marion County Coroner’s Office to be “ligature strangulation.” He had spent 38 years working for the department.

According to a preliminary probable cause document, Mitchell was then seen in the video retrieving the handcuff keys from the ground and taking off his handcuffs. The 34-year-old is then charged with stealing the van used to carry him, driving it through the campus’s gates, and colliding it with a utility pole outside the parking lot in the 3000 block of Prospect Street.

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A sheriff’s deputy arrested Mitchell, who was then transported to a hospital for treatment of minor wounds. Durm later passed away at a hospital.

A lady was shot and killed last year while dropping her children off at a daycare on Indianapolis’ west side. Mitchell is already accused of her murder.

Final charges in Durm’s murder are being determined by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

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