Severe Weather Warning: Southeast Braces for Wednesday’s Devastating Hailstorms and Tornadoes

The Southern United States is now experiencing conditions favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms, and severe weather is forecast to impact the region for multiple days this week.

FOX Forecast Center Said that, a stronger-than-usual jet stream from the Pacific Ocean is likely to provide an environment favorable for organized severe storms in the month of June.

Hail as large as 4 inches in diameter dropped across most of Texas and Colorado on Tuesday, preceding Wednesday’s severe weather threat. Pampa, Texas, was one of the hardest damaged regions because of baseball-sized hail.

On Monday, thunderstorms in central Colorado dumped as much as 5 inches of rain in some areas, at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour. On Tuesday, a tornado was spotted in Colorado, while heavy hail hit throughout sections of Texas.

Southeast Braces for Wednesday's Devastating Hailstorms and Tornadoes (1)

Wednesday’s severe weather threat shifts to Southeast

Large hail and damaging winds are possible from severe thunderstorms on Wednesday across much of the Southeast. The danger level has been set at 3. “It comes in with a lot of heavy rain … more than 4 to 5 inches of rain possible,” Merwin said.

So flash flooding is going to coincide with this.” Jackson, Mississippi, Montgomery, Alabama, and Columbus, Georgia, and Albany, Georgia are some of the biggest cities in the path of severe weather.

Thursday’s Severe Storm Threat Remains in Southeast

Additional waves of severe thunderstorms might ignite on Thursday from southern sections of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia into northern Florida as the storm system responsible for the severe weather lingers over the Southeast. Strong winds and huge hail will be the most dangerous weather conditions.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Flash flooding in Southeast

Days of heavy rainfall in the Southeast are expected to produce a widespread 3- to 5-inch rainfall total, with many locations likely to exceed 5 inches by the end of the week. Northern Alabama and Georgia are most at risk for flash flooding.

The California Examiner is your best bet for up-to-the-minute reporting in the Golden State and neighboring states.

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