Mom of 4 Survived 40 Days in Amazon Following Plane Disaster

Authorities and a family member said that four children who spent 40 days in the Amazon bush after a plane crash saw their mother die in front of them and used things from the wreckage to stay alive.

Four children from the Indigenous Uitoto group who are part of the Mucutuy family have been through a terrible ordeal. More information has come out about it. They were saved on June 9 by a group of Colombian soldiers and Indigenous people who were looking for them.

The children, who were between 1 and 13 years old, were able to stay alive in the Colombian bush after all the adults on the Cessna plane they were in died in a crash on May 1.

The oldest child told reporters that their mother survived the crash at first, but died four days later. This was what their father told reporters.

Manuel Ranoque said, “Before she died, their mom told them something like, ‘You guys get out of here.'”

The oldest child, Lesly Mucutuy, was 13 years old. She took care of her younger brothers, Soleiny, 9, Tien, 4, and Cristin, who turned 1 while they were in the jungle. This showed how resourceful she was.

The children’s grandfather, Narciso Mucutuy, told reporters that the kids stayed by the plane at first and ate the three pounds of cassava flour they had with them. The siblings started walking when no one came to help.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Lesly made sure to get camping gear, a towel, an empty water bottle, and a flashlight from the crash scene. The people who found them said that the kids stayed near a river to get water.

They hid in tree trunks to avoid snakes and bugs, and they used their camping gear to make a makeshift refuge.

Her grandpa said that Lesly fed the baby formula she took from the crash site and then water when the formula ran out. The other children ate berries and seeds they found in the woods to stay alive.

It took two weeks for the wreckage of the plane to be found. When the plane broke down and crashed, the kids and adults were on their way from Araracuara in Amazonas province to San Jose del Guaviare in southwestern Colombia.

Members of the search team found half-eaten fruit, small tracks, a baby bottle, and a pair of tiny shoes. This made them think that the children might still be alive.

Rescuers came just as things were getting worse for the kids.

“By the time they were found, Lesly was too tired to walk,” her grandpa said.

When they were found, the kids were sitting together and Lesly was holding the baby between her legs.

“The children ran to hug me,” Nicolas Ordonez, a member of the Indigenous Guard, told reporters in Spanish. “The oldest girl was carrying the youngest girl and holding the hand of the second-oldest girl.” “When I picked up the little girl, Lesly said, “I’m hungry.”

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At a military hospital, the kids are now slowly getting stronger. The head of the hospital said that they have been playing with each other, reading, and drawing pictures.

One picture thanking the heroes says, “Siempre Bendecida,” which means “Always Blessed.”

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