Tencent’s Video Transcoding Chip Enters Mass Production

Tencent Holdings, a big tech company in China, said on Monday that its own video compression chip, Canghai, is now being made in large quantities and is being used in services like cloud gaming and video live streaming.

The Shenzhen-based business is best known for its popular messaging app WeChat. In an online post, the company said that tens of thousands of its Canghai chips, which were first shown in 2021, have been serving customers in areas like cloud gaming and live video streaming.

The tweet below confirms the news:

The company said in the post that the Canghai chip “focuses on solving the impossible triangle of high image quality, low latency, and low cost in video encoding and decoding.”

Tencent is mostly known as a software company, but in 2021, it showed off three chips that it had made on its own. This was in response to Beijing’s request that China builds its own semiconductor industry in the face of more and more U.S. sanctions.

Tencent has also made a chip for artificial intelligence called Zixiao and a chip for controlling networks called Xuanling.

The company said, “Tencent has a long-term plan to research, develop, and invest in semiconductors.”

“There are a lot of new chips on the market.”

The company said that its AI inference chip Zixiao, which is designed to speed up the efficiency of computing, has been used to handle internal business.

The company is now using its Xuanling chip to “build the next generation of high-performance network infrastructure.”

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