The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster Where to Watch? Frankenstein Myth Resonate So Deeply?

This remarkable young woman, Vicaria, is driven by an unwavering belief that death is not a final destination but a treatable illness. But everything changes when her adored brother is murdered in cold blood. Vicaria’s journey to bring him back to life is fueled by grief and a desperate desire to violate the natural order.

Inspired by Mary Shelley’s classic, “Frankenstein,” “The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster” radically reimagines the story to question our assumptions about the nature of life and death.

Bomani J. Story, the film’s writer, and director, spins a riveting yarn of fortitude and defiance, probing the strength of family ties in the face of repressive social influences. The film delves into Vicaria’s tenacity and her family’s backing against the backdrop of systematic injustices and societal restraints. As they face the depths of their grief, they discover that they, too, are reborn and transformed by the experience.

Laya DeLeon plays Vicaria in the debut feature film by director Bomani J. Story. Fans of The Equalizer will undoubtedly know the Academy Award winner. Denzel Whitaker, Chad L. Coleman, Reilly Brooke Stith, and Keith Holliday also star in the movie.

The sci-fi horror film had its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival, where it received largely excellent reviews. The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster has an 86% rating on RT and has been called “audacious” and “deeply intelligent” by critics.

The website’s consensus calls it “a thrillingly assured feature debut for writer-director Bomani J. Story,” adding that it “injects a classic story with fresh innovation and social relevance.”

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster: Where Can I Stream It?

At this time, seeing The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster on the big screen is your only option. On June 9th, 2023, the film was released in select US theaters by RLJE Films. Visit Fandango to see which local movie theaters are showing the film.

Do not worry if you are unable to see the film in a theater. The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster’s VOD debut has been scheduled for June 23, 2022, by distributor RLJE Films. After then, the movie will be available for purchase or rental on VUDU, Amazon, and iTunes.

No details on paid streaming services have been released as of this writing. But since RLJE Films is a subsidiary of AMC, you may probably stream it on AMC+, and given the film’s subject matter leans toward the macabre, Shudder subscribers should be able to watch it online at some point as well.

The tweet below shows a glimpse of The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster:

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Why Does the Frankenstein Myth Resonate So Deeply?

Why Does the Frankenstein Myth Resonate So Deeply

There are striking parallels between the social climate of 1818 and the present day. These problems have been around as long as hand-me-down sweaters and worn-out customs. Shelley’s novel was a monster of a creative masterpiece in terms of how it interpreted its themes, but it was also very well constructed.

It was thought-provoking and entertaining. “Frankenstein” touched on issues such as alienation, diversity, intolerance, and hatred. These are still the spoiled results of our modern culture.

Watch the trailer for The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster Here:

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