The Best Data Analytics Platforms

So, you are here to look for some of the best data analytics platforms out there!!

This means that you have an idea of how important data analysis has become these days and how great a career can be in this domain. Data analysis has now become an integral part of every business, be it a small daily needs store or a big enterprise. To make this fact clear, let’s have a sneak peek into some great stats regarding data analytics and cognitive computing.

Fast Facts:

  • Data Analytics and Data Scientists are highly in demand in every organization across every sector
  • As per a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is projected that there will be a whopping 11.5 million new job roles for data analytics and data science
  • As per a Market Research report, the annual job growth rate for Data Analytics and cognitive computing is anticipated to grow by a massive 28%
  • Data Science and Cognitive computing spending reached almost USD 52.2 billion last year, according to IDC
  • The average annual salary of a Data Analyst can start from INR 4.5 Lacs and may go as high as INR 22 Lacs, as per data by Glassdoor
  • Some of the biggest names looking for Data Analysts include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Goldmann Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, TCS, Abbott, Accenture, Dell, Ernst and Young, Bosch, VMWare, and more
  • Data Analytics is utilized in every industry, including Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Investment), Manufacturing, Consultancy, media and entertainment, and more

These stats are pretty enough to prove that Data Analytics has become the most crucial part of every business, and a career in this domain can be rewarding and lucrative. Many professionals prefer data analysis certifications to advance their careers in this domain. Some of the best data analytics certifications can help you.

This article will let you know about the best data analytics platforms that you can use to perform data analysis and excel in your career.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is defined as the ‘science of analyzing massive amounts of raw data to get meaningful insights to draw conclusions.’

Data Analytics is done to help businesses in optimizing their performance, improve their profits, execute tasks more efficiently, deliver their products or services in a better way, and make strategically smarter decisions.

Many processes and techniques that are used to perform data analytics have been automated into mechanical processes and are now carried out by computer systems or software. Today, Data Analytics depends on various tools ranging from data visualization tools to reporting ones, spreadsheets to data mining tools, and open-source programming languages such as R or Python to perform the greatest data manipulation.

Further in this article, we will discuss some of the best data analytics platforms out there in the market.

Best Data Analytics Platforms

  1. Tableau Desktop

When it comes to data analysis, Tableau comes in the first position. It enables analysts to make smart data-driven decisions by helping them find quick answers to questions and solve challenging issues easily. Most importantly, it enables you to uncover important insights frequently. Tableau Desktop connects to numerous data sources with just a few clicks, both on-premise and in the cloud. People of various skill levels may quickly find actionable information using a straightforward and visually appealing interface thanks to interactive dashboards, drag & drop capabilities, and natural language queries. By quickly creating complex calculations, adding trend lines to examine statistical summaries, or clustering data to identify relationships, you can ask more in-depth inquiries. With Tableau Desktop, you can better analyze your data, discover new things, and spot opportunities more quickly. Tableau aids in the development of a data-driven organization.

  1. Microsoft Power BI Desktop

Power BI, powered by Microsoft, puts visual analytics more accessible. This powerful tool allows you to create impressive and interactive data visualization reports. You can connect, mix, and model the data to visualize it. It enables you to place the visuals where you wish to. With this tool, you can explore and analyze your data and also share the content with the people you wish to by just publishing it to the Power BI web service. You can use this web service to monitor key data and share dashboards as well as reports.

  1. SAS Visual Analytics

The tagline of this tool says, ‘Now everyone can easily discover and share powerful insights that inspire action.’ SAS Visual Analytics is popular among data analytics as a single platform that allows you to perform data exploration, reporting, and analytics. Some of the key features of this tool include custom chatbot creation; Data access, preparation, and quality; data visualization; interactive reports, dashboards, analytics, and BI. It also boasts self-service analytics, visual discovery, interactive reporting, scalability, and governance.

  1. QlikSense

This tool empowers you to make smarter data-driven decisions and take action. From dashboards and visualizations to natural language analytics, bespoke and embedded analytics, reporting, and alerting, the system offers enhanced analytics for every business need. Our innovative associative technology offers incredible capabilities for merging data and exploring information, enhancing human intuition with AI-powered insights. By indexing your data’s associations and exposing related and unrelated items as you click, it reveals hidden information that query-based technologies would have missed.

  1. Python

Python is an open-source programming language with a variety of uses and is a must-have for data analysts. Python is considered a versatile language as it boasts a huge range of libraries and packages meant for performing different functions that are common in data analytics. It is open-source, easy to learn, and is a highly available language that is used for everything ranging from data scraping to analysis and reporting.


This article made you go through some of the most popular data analytics tools. The point to be noted here is that there are numerous data analytics tools out there in the market which have different use cases.

To learn the dynamics and ways of using these tools, an online training course from an accredited institute like Simplilearn can help you out.

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