Three People Were K!lled in a Shootout Involving a Biker Gang in New Mexico

The town of Red River is taking a deep breath after a gunfight ended a Memorial Day weekend event that had been going on for 40 years. After the incident, many people, including the hundreds of Banditos motorcyclists who posted video of themselves riding through town, abandoned the gorgeous mountain hamlet.

On Sunday, residents of Red River were still making the most of a difficult situation.

“We don’t want to think everybody’s going to go out and shoot just because they have a motorcycle but it happens and it’s sad. But there are a lot of our brothers that are out there that are not troublemakers. They just want to ride and show off the beautiful work that they put into their bikes,” performer Marisol Flores said.

Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun believes that now that the dust has settled, people can take a deep breath. “I think everybody has a real sense of relief and getting some rest, which always helps. So the town is quiet this morning, and everybody’s beginning to get back to normal,” Mayor Calhoun said.

The information concerning Red River Catch Town has been confirmed by the following tweet:

The mayor still made the difficult decision to close the town’s vendors and to encourage main street businesses to close for the weekend, despite the chaos that had ensued.

“Well, it’s our big kickoff to the summer season and so everyone depends on that weekend because we just come off a very slow offseason from ski season. And I know several businesses I talked to had record-breaking days on Friday and Saturday. So to have to shut down and lose all the income from Sunday is very difficult,” Mayor Calhoun acknowledged.

The planning for next year, she says, will begin shortly. “We’ll start looking towards next Memorial Day weekend and see how that might shape up and see how it might look different but I think it’s safe to say it will look different,” Mayor Calhoun said.

The mayor claims that he was informed that 500 Bandidos were on their way into town. She claims that twice as many people attended the demonstration and that Bandidos members haven’t shown up since 2019.

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