Trapped Hiker Freed After Seven Hours Under Massive Boulder

In a remarkable tale of survival and rescue, a man has been successfully freed after spending a harrowing seven hours pinned underneath a colossal boulder weighing an estimated 6,000-10,000 pounds. The dramatic incident unfolded near Independence in the Inyo Mountains, where the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office received an alert on Tuesday afternoon about the stranded hiker.

The trapped individual, whose ordeal began under circumstances yet to be disclosed, was found beneath the massive boulder located below Santa Rita Flat. When rescue teams arrived that night, they encountered a challenging scene – a steep hillside with loose, rocky terrain and a hiker in “great pain,” with his left leg trapped under the formidable boulder.

Race Against Time

Undeterred by the challenging conditions, the Inyo County Search & Rescue, a volunteer nonprofit rescue group, embarked on a race against time to free the trapped hiker. Employing ropes and pulleys, the team strategically shifted the colossal boulder, inch by inch, providing enough space to extricate the injured man.

The urgency of the situation prompted the rescue team to determine that immediate medical attention was crucial. However, the absence of nearby landing zones posed a logistical challenge. In a display of extraordinary coordination and ingenuity, a U.S. Navy medic descended from a helicopter using rappelling techniques. The medic successfully hoisted the injured hiker into the aircraft, setting the stage for a rapid evacuation.

Nighttime Extrication

The rescue mission, fraught with challenges, included navigating steep, loose rocky terrain, moving a massive boulder with limited resources, and managing the severely injured patient for several hours. As night fell, the rescue operation continued under the chilly December darkness. The successful helicopter hoist marked a critical juncture in the operation, ensuring the wounded man’s swift transport to Fresno for urgent medical treatment.

In a Facebook post, the Inyo County Search & Rescue highlighted the complexities of the mission, emphasizing the need for coordinated efforts from multiple agencies and resources. The successful outcome of this daring rescue serves as a testament to the dedication and expertise of the search and rescue teams involved.

As the rescued hiker receives medical care and begins the journey to recovery, this remarkable tale underscores the resilience of the human spirit and the unwavering commitment of rescue teams to safeguard lives in the face of adversity.

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