Two Teens Were Caught After a Macy’s Worker in Downtown Crossing Had His Hand Cut

After confronting a group of rowdy children, a Macy’s employee was reportedly cut by one of them and is now in recovery. The assault took place on Monday at the Downtown Crossing Macy’s, located at 450 Washington St. According to Boston Police, two minors were taken into custody right away.

Blood and a bandage covered the employee’s left hand as he spoke to police outside the store, where he was later identified by a coworker. An irate Macy’s worker later explained that this sort of behavior from groups of children has been an ongoing problem for years.

A Boston 25 photographer was at the site taking information when they were approached by a group of kids. Hearing a nearby police officer say, “I told you guys I’m not going to play this game with you all tonight. This is the second time we’ve been called about people brandishing knives.”

The tweet below verifies the news:

There have been multiple incidents of violence in Downtown Crossing, and many of the victims were teenagers. In May of 2022, two 13-year-olds were accused of attacking people and damaging property.

A man was killed on St. Patrick’s Day after being punched near an ATM on Winter St. in February, and police reported that five adults were injured in attacks involving suspects between the ages of 11 and 16. Shopper Kaissa Oulhadj was there on Monday to see the damage done to Macy’s.

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“I saw a lot of people gathering around. The police officer came running and he was talking to some kids, there were about five or six of them,” Oulhadj said.

“I would feel really scared if I were [the injured employee] because at your workplace you want to feel safe. You want to know that there’s someone to take care of you while you’re doing your job, your duty, and it’s really sad.” When asked for comment, Macy’s did not provide a response.

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