Wayne Brady Comes Out as Pans*xual: ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ Host Opens Up About His S*xuality

Wayne Brady’s home is tucked away in a Malibu canyon, above a brook, along winding roads. It is a fortress of solitude with a view of the Pacific, a creek, and not much else outside high gates. Brady, 51, comments, “It’s a great place to think.”

Wayne Brady Comes Out as Pans*xual: His Daughter is “Okay” With It

He has been engaging in a lot of that. Brady, who is well recognized for both his quick wit and his wide smile, is prepared to reveal how he identifies: He declares, “I am pans*xual,” which means he is drawn to people of any s*x or gender.

Another way to express it, according to Brady, is “Bis*xual — with an open mind!”

Wayne Brady Comes Out as Pans*xual: 'Let's Make A Deal' Host Opens Up About His S*xuality

The house is currently humming with activity. Both the Let’s Make a Deal host’s ex-wife Mandie Taketa, 47, and daughter Maile, 20, are present. The first person Brady came out to was Taketa. “I simply said, ‘Great.’ I thought coming out would make him happier, so I did it,” she says.

The tweet below confirms the news:

The majority of Maile’s response to Brady was a shrug. She remembers, breaking into a huge, happy smile, “I just said, “Okay.”

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A camera team was also dispersed throughout the residence. Brady, Maile, Taketa, and Taketa’s partner Jason Fordham are now filming a reality show about their mixed family that will air on Hulu early the next year. In 2021, Taketa and Fordham welcomed a child, and Brady is regarded as a co-parent.

Brady finds a quiet area in the house and sits down despite the busyness. He exhales deeply, sinks back into the couch, and starts talking to others. Here is Brady’s account of what happened.

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