Undocumented Californians Can Also Take Advantage of Storm Relief Funds — See How Much is at Your Disposal

Undocumented Californians who faced the brunt of the stormy weather barrage from December to April can find relief in the form of financial support.

The Storm Assistance for Immigrants project has earmarked $95 million to help those who don’t qualify for federal aid. This program, which started disbursing funds in June, will continue until the end of May 2024 or until the funding pool is exhausted.

Who Can Benefit and How Much?

The aid is accessible in the 22 California counties where President Joe Biden declared a Major Disaster. Eligible households can receive up to $4,500, with $1,500 allocated for qualifying adults and $500 for children. The funds will be provided via checks or pre-loaded debit cards.

Navigating the Process with Nonprofit Partners

Nonprofit organizations, including La Familia Counseling Center, are stepping in to assist people in applying for and receiving aid.

The tweet below verifies the news:

These organizations were chosen for their expertise in serving the immigrant community, aiming to make the application process smoother and more accessible.

Qualification and Application Process

To tap into the relief, individuals need to be over 18, provide proof of the hardships they faced due to the storms, and confirm their ineligibility for federal assistance. The nonprofit groups are there to interview applicants and assist in the verification process, ensuring the system remains secure and fraud-free.

Prompt Action Advised

Karen Duenas, a program administrator at La Familia Counseling Center, advises residents to apply as soon as possible. Some counties have already exhausted their allocated state funding, which means the remaining funds will be redistributed. Families can anticipate receiving financial aid within a few weeks of application.

For those in Sacramento, La Familia Counseling Center can be reached at 916-720-4735. If you’re seeking information about storm relief statewide, dial 866-724-2023.

As California continues to recover from the impact of these storms, this financial assistance initiative provides a helping hand to those often excluded from federal aid programs. Stay informed, and if you’re eligible, don’t hesitate to seek the support you need.

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