Washington Outprices California for Most Expensive Gasoline

People are hearing that Washington’s gas prices are now higher than California’s. Let us explore.

Gas Prices, 2023

ABCNews.com said on July 22 that this was the case. According to an article on Go.com called “Washington Passes California as Most Expensive State for Gas: AAA,” gas in the former state costs an average of $4.93 per gallon.

The tweet below verifies the news:

From the report: Washington has passed California as the state with the most expensive gas prices. AAA says that the average price of regular gas in Washington is $4.93 per gallon. This is 33 cents more than it was a month ago.

AAA statistics show that the average price of regular gas in California is $4.86 per gallon, which is 7 cents less than in Washington. Since this time last month, the price of gas in the state has gone up by 6 cents.

Some areas in Washington have gas prices that are over $5 per gallon.

To put things in perspective, the study goes on to say that California has often had the highest gas prices, with drivers paying an average of $6.40 per gallon in July 2022.

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