Woman Shot and Killed After Man Shot Her as She Drove Into the Wrong Driveway

A 20-year-old lady was shot and killed by a guy in New York. She was riding shotgun in a friend’s car when they accidentally drove into the wrong driveway, as reported by WTEN, an ABC affiliate in Albany.

While searching for a friend’s residence in rural Hebron, New York on the night of April 15, 2023, authorities alleged that Kaylin Gillis and her pals accidentally drove into the long, dark driveway of 65-year-old Kevin Monahan.

Gillis was riding shotgun in the car that her boyfriend was driving as part of a larger group of pals that also included a motorbike. According to the authorities, Monahan fatally shot Gillis in the neck while standing on his deck and fired at least two bullets toward the gathering.

“They were a victim of circumstance. Their friend that they were going to see was half a mile down the road,” Gillis’ dad, Andrew Gillis, said in April. “For this man to sit on his porch and fire at a car that posed no threat, just angers me so badly.”

Woman Shot and Killed After Man Shot Her as She Drove Into the Wrong Driveway
Tampering with physical evidence, reckless endangerment, and second-degree murder were the charges against Monahan, according to WTEN, which led to her conviction on Tuesday. According to WTEN, the jury spent less than three hours deliberating.

The Associated Press reports that Arthur Frost, Monahan’s defence attorney, stated that his client was frightened when strangers appeared on his driveway at night.

According to the AP, Monahan stated in his testimony that he fired a single warning shot to alert the individuals on the driveway to the fact that he was armed.

In response to cross-examination, Monahan reportedly stated, “The warning shot, to me, is almost like starting a dialogue” (AP).

The second shot was discharged unintentionally by the gun, according to Monahan, who fell on nails on his deck and lost his balance, as reported by the AP. According to the AP, forensic investigator Victoria O’Connor of the New York State Police contradicted Frost’s assertion that the rifle was defective while testifying.

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