California Man Arrested After Woman’s Torso is Discovered in Trash Can

In a shocking turn of events, the quiet neighborhood of Encino, Los Angeles, was rocked by a gruesome discovery on Wednesday morning. The partial remains of an unidentified woman were found in a trash bin on a commercial property, sending shockwaves through the community. The unfolding events have led to the arrest of a 35-year-old suspect, Sam Haskell, on suspicion of murder.

The Grisly Discovery

At around 6 a.m. on Wednesday, a local resident stumbled upon the torso of a woman wrapped in plastic in the parking lot of the commercial property. The horrific find was made while the individual was sifting through a dumpster in search of recyclable materials. The dismembered state of the body has made formal identification impossible, adding an extra layer of mystery to the case.

The Arrest of Sam Haskell

Swift police action led to the apprehension of Sam Haskell at a mall in Topanga on the same day. The arrest was a significant development, but many questions remained unanswered. The motive behind the alleged murder and the relationship between the suspect and the victim was yet to be revealed.

Missing Persons and a Darker Tale

The plot thickens as three individuals residing with the suspect in a nearby Tarzana neighborhood are reported missing. Mei Haskell, the suspect’s wife; Mei’s 72-year-old father, Gaoshan Li; and her 64-year-old mother, YanXiang Wang, have all disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The unsettling nature of the situation deepens as police investigate the connections between the suspect and the missing individuals.

The Missing Trio

Mei Haskell

Mei Haskell, the wife of the suspect, is among the missing. The connection between Mei and the victim, if any, is yet to be uncovered.

Gaoshan Li

Gaoshan Li, Mei’s 72-year-old father, is also missing. His white Volkswagen Tiguan, known to be his mode of transportation, is conspicuously absent from its usual parking spot.

YanXiang Wang

YanXiang Wang, Mei’s 64-year-old mother, completes the trio of missing persons. The investigation seeks to unveil any possible links between the suspect and these individuals.

Safe Haven for Children

Despite the unsettling events, a silver lining emerges as three elementary school-aged children residing at the suspect’s address are found safe and sound. The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services has taken custody of the children, ensuring their well-being amidst the unfolding tragedy.

The Investigation Unfolds

Initial Police Response

The chain of events began with a call received by the police at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, reporting a suspicious bag in Tarzana possibly containing human remains. However, the initial search yielded nothing, and there was no evidence to justify entry into the suspect’s house.

Video Evidence

Crucial to the investigation is the video evidence collected from the crime scene, leading the authorities to the suspect’s location. The role of this evidence in connecting the dots and unfolding the narrative is pivotal.


As the investigation continues, the community grapples with the shock of a gruesome discovery in their midst. The arrest of Sam Haskell, the missing trio, and the safe retrieval of the children raise more questions than answers. The unfolding tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of community vigilance in the face of the unexpected.

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