A Man Was Detained After Robbing A Store With A Spray-painted Nintendo Game Gun

A man from South Carolina is still being held in jail after authorities said he robbed a store using a gun from a video game that had been spray-painted.

David Dalesandro, 25, from Sharon, South Carolina, was immediately caught on Monday after deputies said he robbed a Kwik Stop convenience store using an old-school “Duck Hunt” Nintendo video game gun that was spray-painted black. Dalesandro was quickly taken into custody.

When Dalesandro went into the business and showed the gun to the employees, the employees reported that he was disguised by wearing a sweatshirt, a wig, and a mask. According to the deputies, he was able to get away with approximately $300.

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The “Duck Hunt” gun was recovered in Dalesandro’s pants when investigators located him only down the street in the parking lot of a Dollar General store.

The York County Detention Center is still holding Dalesandro at this time.

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