A Superstitious California Woman Wins the Lotto for $1 Million

Elena Penaloza may have become a fan of “The Simpsons” pet duo Itchy and Scratchy. Lottery officials announced on Thursday that Penaloza, a resident of West Covina, won $1 million on a Scratcher ticket she purchased from the California Lottery.

Her family claims that she started scratching her hands a few days before she was announced the lucky winner. “You know that superstition where when your hands get itchy, it means you’re going to get money? She said she felt that the week before she won,” Penaloza’s daughter, Ariana, told the California Lottery.  “She thinks it was fate.”

Whether you believe in superstition or not, the fact remains that Penaloza won a million dollars with a Diamond 8 ticket he purchased at a 7-Eleven on North Azusa Avenue. Her daughter claims that neither of them thought they had won until they returned to the 7-Eleven the next day to check the ticket.

The tweet below verifies the news:

At that point, it all made sense. “We walked home and were like ‘Oh my,’” Ariana said. “My mom now wants to buy a house.” Ariana was “elated” to learn that purchasing lottery tickets helps raise money for public schools, as her mother emigrated to the United States in part to offer her children an excellent education.

Ariana remarked, “She’s glad that she can help school pupils.” In becoming a millionaire, Penaloza follows in the footsteps of numerous other recent California Lottery winners. Lottery authorities have confirmed that a ticket purchased by Albert Miranda at Trade Wind Liquor in Gardena is worth $5 million after he won the game 100X Scratchers.

Rochelle Gardeley, a customer of Cat’s Market and Deli in Lompoc, won $5 million with a 2023 Scratchers ticket. Meanwhile, Tomas Herrera of Fairfield, Northern California, won $1,000,000 playing the Xtreme Multiplier Scratchers game with a ticket he purchased at a Circle K/Valero gas station.

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