Achraf Hakimi Net Worth: Andrew Tate Appreciates Hakimi For Finding a Loophole to Keep His Money

Since Hakimi was accused of r*pe, the split of Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk has been all over the internet. People on the Internet were shocked when they heard that Hakimi’s net worth on paper was $0. This was also a surprise for Hiba, who had asked for half of the soccer player’s property. Let’s find out Achraf Hakimi Net Worth.

Achraf Hakimi Net Worth

PSG star Achraf Hakimi’s divorce from his wife Hiba Abouk is making news. His wealth has been talked about a lot in the news. The famous player from Morocco is said to have a net worth of $24 million. The best part is that his mother owns 80% of his net worth. Hakimi loves his mother a lot, and this was clear in World Cup 2022.

Hakimi’s money came out when he split up with actress Hiba Abouk. Abouk is 12 years older than Hakimi, and the star has a net worth of $2 million. Sponsorships and acting jobs bring in money for her.

How Much Does Hakimi Earn Per Month?

Hakimi’s salary from Paris Saint-Germain is about $1 million per month. The PSG defense, on the other hand, only keeps 20 percent. About 80% of PSG’s pay, which is about $215,000 per week, goes into the bank account of his mother.

Taking everything into account, Hakimi is the sixth highest-paid player in Africa. Since his successful effort in Qatar, he has become more well-known. He took Morocco to the World Cup semifinals for the first time. His country was the first African country to reach this goal. During a hard time he was having in Paris because of the rape case, his club and country were there for him.

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Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk Divorce Story

Achraf Hakimi Net Worth

In February, Hakimi was accused of rape in a case in Paris. This set off the whole mess. Hiba couldn’t stand up for her husband, so she didn’t say anything. She stopped being quiet, but she chose to break up with the 24-year-old star. They also have two children.

He could have made this breakup work by giving up $8.5 million. Hakimi was able to hide the fact that he has nothing in his name because he gave his mom 80% of his money.

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Hakimi’s wife didn’t know about this, and she didn’t expect to get such a small amount from the divorce. She had no idea that his mother was the one buying everything, from cars to clothes to jewelry.

Hakimi also had help during this whole episode. Andrew Tate appreciated him for finding the gap that let him keep his money. But the PSG star also got a lot of anger.

Hiba Abouk Forced to Give Achraf Hakimi Half of What She Owns

Even though the actor is already going through a lot because she and her partner broke up, it doesn’t end there. Hakimi is said to have asked Hiba to give him half of her property, even though the player’s net worth is much less than hers.

The actor is worth about $2 million, according to estimates. She would have had to pay Hakimi’s legal fees and give him half of this money. Fans have different opinions about Hakimi’s move. Some think it was brilliant, while others think it was a mistake. It is thought that the soccer player is worth about $17 million, but all of that money belongs to his mother.

The tweet below explains how Hiba Abouk will give her half assets to Achraf:

But some fans and experts think that the star shouldn’t have to pay for Hakimi’s mistakes. He cheated on Hiba, even if the r*pe claims against him aren’t true. The fact that she was on vacation with their kids during this time makes this even more true.

This story seems to be a rerun of the Pique-Shakira story, which was all over the news for months. We still don’t know if Hakimi and Abouk will do the same thing and fight each other in public.

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