Amazon Store Card Login, Payment, And All You Need To Know

If you have an Amazon credit card, you can buy even more from one of the best shopping sites in the world. The global retailer has a huge selection of both new and used items from third-party sellers and its huge stock. It has something for everyone and offers a lot of financial benefits with its branded card.

Most purchases on and in Amazon-branded stores can be made with an Amazon Store Card. You can also use the card at stores that accept Amazon Pay if you opened your account before January 1, 2021. Cardholders can also buy things without paying interest for six, 12, or 24 months if they make equal payments every month. Plus, people who buy things on with an Amazon Prime Store Card can get 5% back in the form of statement credits or Amazon rewards points.

Amazon Store Card Perks

Here are some examples of Amazon Credit Cards:

  • If you apply for a new card and get approved, Amazon will send you a $60 gift card.
  • You won’t have to pay a fee every year for this Card.
  • Enjoy having no responsibility for fraud if your credit card is used without your permission.

Amazon Store Card Login

Both the Amazon Store Card and the Amazon Secured Card work like credit cards from Synchrony Bank. Anyone with an Amazon Credit Card can use these cards to pay for things on or in any Amazon store or other place that accepts Amazon Pay.

Sign in to your Amazon Credit Card Account at to see basic information about your Amazon store card and secured card.

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How to Log in with an Amazon Store Credit Card

  • First, you have to link your Amazon and Synchrony credit accounts.
  • Open the page in your browser to sign in with your Amazon credit card.
  • Type in your user name and password.
  • Click the Secure Login button.
  • You should now be logged in to your Amazon Credit Card account if you used the right username and password.

Change the password for your Amazon Store Card account

It’s easy to forget your account password, but you can always reset it by clicking the “Forgot Password” link that’s right next to the “Secure Login” button.

How to Change the Password for Your Amazon Credit Card Account –

  • Go to the page for
  • Click on the link “Forgot Password?”
  • Next, type in your User ID and Zip Code, and then click the Continue button.
  • Change the password for your Amazon credit card account
  • Change the password for your Amazon credit card account
  • Choose a new password and double-check it.
  • You can now use your new password to log in to your account.

Now you know how to log in to your Amazon Credit Card account to manage your Amazon Store Card and Amazon Secure Card.

How to Make an Online Payment on Your Amazon Store Credit Card

This popular way to pay your Amazon credit card bill requires you to log in to your account at the Synchrony Bank Amazon online credit center. From there, you can make a minimum payment or pay off your entire balance. To make a one-time payment, do the following:

  • Go to your account and sign in.
  • Put your cursor over “Payments,” then click “View and Make Payments.”
  • Choose whether you want to make a minimum payment or pay your current balance, statement balance, or another amount.
  • Select a payment date.
  • Enter the routing number for your bank and the number of your checking account, then click “Confirm.”
  • Cardholders can also choose to “Pay as Guest,” which lets them pay without logging in to their account. You’ll need to enter
  • your card number, Social Security number, and ZIP code to use this feature.

How To Pay Your Amazon Store Credit Card Bill By Mobile

Calling Synchrony Bank’s automated payment system lets you pay any amount. You can also press zero to get help from a customer service person.

Here’s how to pay your Amazon credit card bill over the phone:

  • Call 866-634-8379 to reach Synchrony Bank.
  • Wait for the keypad to tell you what to do, and then press two.
  • Listen to the instructions, and then press a number on your keypad.
  • Enter the account number for your Amazon Store Card so that the system can find your account.
  • Follow the instructions to pay your bill.

How to Send a Payment for an Amazon Credit Card by Mail

You can also mail payments to Synchrony. But it could take up to five days after Synchrony confirms receipt for your payment to be put toward your account. Do these things:

  • Write Synchrony Bank/Amazon on your check or money order.
  • Fill out the remittance form that came with your bill and send it along with your payment.
  • Send your money to:

Synchrony Bank / Amazon
P.O. Box 960013
Orlando, FL 32896-0013

Payment for an Amazon Credit Card Pay As a Guest

Use the Quickpay option to pay your Amazon Credit Card bill if you don’t want to deal with money orders and logging in.

You can pay as a guest without having to sign in.

Follow the steps below to pay with a credit card as a guest:

  • Go to
  • Click the button that says “Pay as Guest.”
  • Give your card number, the last four numbers of your SSN, and your Zip Code.
  • Click the button that says “Continue.”

Follow the next steps to pay the bill without logging in.

When is the bill for my Amazon credit card due?

As an Amazon credit cardholder, your bill will be due at least 23 days after the end of your billing cycle. If you pay off your balance by the due date every month, you won’t have to pay interest on the things you buy. By 5 p.m. ET, you have to pay. If you don’t pay your Amazon credit card bill on time, you could be charged a late fee of up to $40.

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