Colleen Ballinger Net Worth: What is She Famous For?

American comedian, YouTuber, actress, singer, and writer Colleen Mae Ballinger was born on November 21, 1986. She became famous for playing the Internet persona Miranda Sings and publishing videos of the character on YouTube, touring theaters around the world with her stand-up comedy show, and starring in a Netflix original series called Haters Back Off (2016–2017).

The delightfully talentless, pompous, and quirky character was conceived by Ballinger as a satire of the countless YouTube videos in which people sing badly in an attempt to break into show business, seemingly unconscious of their lack of talent.

Colleen Ballinger replied to a tweet about her trolls on Twitter:

Colleen Ballinger Net Worth

The $12 million net worth of American comedian, actress, singer, and YouTube star Colleen Ballinger. Colleen Ballinger is well-known for her portrayal of Miranda Sings, a popular internet personality. She performs as the persona in comic clubs and theaters across the world, uploading videos of her performances to YouTube. Colleen’s channel is known as Psychosoprano.

Ballinger has appeared as a guest artist on numerous albums and has also performed off-Broadway and in various television and web programs. Ballinger has almost 2 billion views and nearly 10 million subscribers on YouTube as of this writing. Both “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” with Jerry Seinfeld and “The Tonight Show” featured her 2014 as Miranda Sings.

Colleen Ballinger Net Worth

Ballinger is among the top 100 most popular users on YouTube. Both Miranda Sings and Psychosoprano, her other humor channels on YouTube, are extremely popular. In 2015, Colleen published a best-selling memoir and secured a series order from Netflix. She now brings about $5 million annually from all of her projects.

Colleen Ballinger Real Estate

Colleen purchased an Encino, California, mansion for $2.5 million in December 2015. She originally put the asking price at $3.75 million in January 2023, but after receiving multiple offers, reduced it to $3.5 million. Colleen bought a property in Santa Barbara, California for $6.2 million in November 2022.

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