Diego Corrales Cause of Death: How Did The Famous Boxer Die?

Diego “Chico” Corrales, a two-weight boxing champion who also triumphed in one of the most thrilling fights in recent memory, was killed in a high-speed motorcycle collision. He was 29.

Diego Corrales Cause of Death

Corrales was riding a brand-new motorbike when he crashed into the rear of a car while attempting to overtake it quickly on a busy residential street approximately 7 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip.

Diego Corrales Cause of Death: How Did The Famous Boxer Die?

Corrales was killed at the scene of the 7:22 p.m. collision after being flung from the motorcycle, which hit a car traveling the other way.

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Gary Shaw, his promoter, claimed that Corrales, whose career had dwindled during the previous two years, had recently purchased a racing motorcycle and was operating it when he died.

“He lived recklessly, and he fought recklessly,” Shaw remarked. “That was just his style.”

The crash was attributed to speed and inexperience by Las Vegas police, who also noted that it appeared Corrales did not possess a current Nevada motorcycle or driver’s license.

Sgt. Tracy McDonald explained that they were attempting to calculate the speed. It seems that he was traveling far faster than the 35 mph stated limit.

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According to McDonald, it will take around two weeks for investigators to learn the outcome of Corrales’s drug and alcohol tests, even though he was wearing a helmet.

A 39-year-old Las Vegas woman driving the automobile that Corrales attempted to pass reported a minor shoulder injury, according to McDonald, while the Florida man driving the incoming vehicle escaped injury.

Corrales, who competed for the majority of his career at 130 pounds, was a powerful puncher best known for stopping Jose Luis Castillo on May 7, 2005, after recovering from two knockdowns in the 10th round. This fight was dubbed the fight of the year by the Boxing Writers Association of America and other boxing journals.

However, Corrales lost to Castillo in the rematch and then had three consecutive fights invalidated at the weigh-in.

Castillo lost against Corrales twice due to his inability to make weight, and the second time Corrales declined to compete at the heavier weight, costing him a $1.3 million payday. When Corrales faced Joel Casamayor to defend his WBC 135-pound title, he entered the ring over the weight limit and ultimately lost the match.

He dropped his previous three matches, including the one on April 7 in Springfield, Missouri against Joshua Clottey. For that match, he had stepped up two weight classes to welterweight.

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