Eight People Are Hurt When a Terrifying Building Collapses in New Haven

On Friday in New Haven, Connecticut, a building under construction collapsed, injuring at least eight people, according to authorities. According to Mayor Justin Elicker’s press conference, the injured workers were constructing a seven-story residential structure when part of the second floor fell.

Two of the victims have suffered severe, potentially fatal wounds. There were thirty-six persons working there at one point. According to Elicker, the fall happened as workers were laying concrete. The second story partially collapsed, sending debris down to the ground floor and basement.

At a press conference, New Haven Fire Chief John Alston Jr. explained that it appeared the fall happened because workers were pouring concrete too quickly for it to be spread evenly. Before the concrete could dry, Alston said, rescuers had to get three victims out from under it.

The news can be confirmed by the tweet below:

Lenny Speiller, the director of communications for Elicker’s office, told CNN that all of the victims were construction workers. Photos taken at the scene of the Lafayette Street collapse show rescuers using high ladders to reach victims.

The Connecticut Fire Photographers Association tweeted at around 2:00 PM local time that the fire department had “successfully removed all victims trapped in the debris of the collapse.”

The fire chief has reported that the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration has arrived on the scene and issued an immediate stop work order. Central Connecticut is where you’ll find New Haven.

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