Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal Returns for Season 3

If you haven’t seen the first two seasons of Primal, an animated series created by Genndy Tartakovsky, you are severely missing out on total brilliance. If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know what I’m talking about, and you’ll be pleased to learn that Tartakovsky has a major plan for Season 3.

Genndy Tartakovsky Primal Season 3

Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal has been picked up for a third season on Adult Swim.

The tweet below shows that season 3 of Primal is on the way:

Adult Swim has announced that the third season of the Emmy-winning prehistoric fantasy series is “currently in production,” with series creator Tartakovsky returning to the director’s chair. No date has been set for the Season 3 premiere.

The first two seasons of Primal focused on the friendship between a caveman named Spear and a T-Rex named Fang, who both live in a prehistoric world where early man and dinosaurs coexist. The show has received high marks for its captivating violence, compelling plot, and impressive animation.

“It’s happening! Primal has become a contagious disease that I don’t ever want to cure,” said Tartakovsky. “Every episode flows out like an unstoppable force beyond my control. Prepare yourselves Primal fans for Season 3 is coming!”

Adult Swim claims that Primal is their sixth most streamed series on Max in the United States and its second-most streamed series internationally.

The R-rated animated picture Fixed, starring Idris Elba as a dog set to be neutered, is currently in production by Tartakovsky, creator of Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, and Star Wars: Clone Wars. In May, Adult Swim premiered Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, the creator’s most recent series.

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