Glenda Jackson’s Cause of Death: How did the Oscar Winning Actress Passed Away?

The 87-year-old former member of parliament for the Labour Party in the United Kingdom and two-time Oscar winner has passed away. Many people were interested in the circumstances of Glenda’s death because her career was so long and diversified compared to that of other celebrities.

In addition to her two Oscars, Glenda also has two Emmys from the 1970s. Many of her followers are curious as to why she passed away.

Glenda Jackson’s Cause of Death

Her agent, Lionel Larner, issued a statement announcing Glenda’s death and giving some facts about how she passed away. “Glenda Jackson, two-time Academy Award-winning actress and politician, died peacefully at her home in Blackheath, London this morning after a brief illness with her family at her side,” the statement read.

“Today we lost one of the world’s greatest actresses and I have lost a best friend of over fifty years.” Nothing beyond a “brief illness” is explained in the statement, leaving the manner of death a mystery. At 87 years old, a reduced immune system can make a person more susceptible to illness in general.

Looking over her biography and the countless condolences that have poured in since the news broke, it is evident that Glenda will be missed, even though we may never know the specific cause of her death.

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