Worth Greene Cause of Death: How did the Olivia Flower’s Brother Die?

There was a great loss on June 8, 2023. Taylor Ann Green’s brother, who was 36 years old, recently passed away. Richard Worthington Green, also known as “Worth,” was the eldest of the three Green children.

The Green household is already profoundly changed by his absence. Even as they come to express their condolences to Taylor Ann, his friends and followers can’t help but wonder what happened to take him so young.

Richard Worthington Greene Cause of Death

While fans were quick to offer condolences, some also asked what happened. No one in the family has shared how Worth died, but someone did comment that it could have been Lyme Disease.

However, we believe they probably conflated the loss of Olivia Flowers’ brother to Lyme earlier this year with the loss of Taylor Ann’s brother. So it’s unlikely that Worth died of the same disease. The Richard Worthington’s cause of death is unclear.

Richard Worthington Green Cause of Death

The Greens prefer privacy at this time following Worth’s tragic passing. Fans’ initial reaction to news of a tragically early death is understandable shock, but it’s important to honor the deceased’s loved ones’ requests for privacy.

You can see the depth of his family and fans’ sadness at his departure in the post below:

It’s safe to believe that Worth didn’t pass away from natural causes or a previously unreported disease. Even Taylor Ann and Worth’s sister, Catie, has been experiencing health problems recently.

Catie received a double ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2017. She was declared cancer-free after a course of treatment, but in May 2022, Taylor Ann revealed that the disease had returned.

While many admirers were quick to express their sorrow, others were curious as to what had transpired. No one has said how Worth passed away. However, someone has suggested Lyme disease.

We think they may have confused the death of Taylor Ann’s brother to Lyme disease with the death of Olivia Flowers’ brother earlier this year. Therefore, it’s quite improbable that Worth died from the same illness.

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