How Does iOS 17’s StandBy Feature Work?

StandBy in iOS 17: Transforming Your iPhone into a Smart Display

When does StandBy on iOS 17 work?

  • StandBy works when your phone is charging and tilted sideways in landscape mode.

What will StandBy for iOS 17 do?

  • StandBy turns your iPhone into a clock, digital photo frame, and smart display with weather, widgets, and home controls.

How Will Widgets on the Standby Screen Work Better?

  • Widgets on the StandBy screen can be arranged in smart stacks, offering relevant information at the right time.

How Will StandBy Make Siri Better on iOS 17?

  • Siri provides visual answers and improved performance on the StandBy screen.

Of course, StandBy is also a nighttime clock

  • At night, the StandBy screen turns into a dim, red clock while the iPhone is charging.

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What Phones Will Be Able to Use StandBy in iOS 17?

  • StandBy is available on the iPhone 14 Pro and possibly other future models.

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