Julian Sands Net Worth: How Much Money Does The British Actor Make?

British actor Julian Richard Morley Sands was born on January 4, 1958, and died on or after January 13, 2023. In A Room with a View (1985), he starred as the film’s breakout character, George Emerson.

The Killing Fields (1984), Warlock (1989), Arachnophobia (1990), Naked Lunch (1991), Boxing Helena (1993), Leaving Las Vegas (1995), The Medallion (2003), Ocean’s Thirteen (2007), and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) are just a few of the other notable films in which he has acted.

He is most known for his roles as Vladimir Bierko in 24 (2006), Jor-El in Smallville (2009–2010), and Valmont in Jackie Chan Adventures (2000–2002) on television.

Julian Sands Net Worth

Julian Sands Net Worth

English actor Julian Sands has a $3 million fortune. In January of 1958, Julian Sands was born in the town of Otley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. Since 1982, he has been in over 130 films and television shows. He had a starring role in Jackie Chan Adventures, which aired on television from 2000 to 2002. In the 2006 season of 24, Julian Sands portrayed Vladimir Bierko.

In addition to A Married Man, Rose Red, Lipstick Jungle, Bollywood Hero, Banshee, Crossbones, and Will, he has been in recurring parts in a number of other television shows.

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You may recognize Julian Sands from his roles in movies like Privates on Parade, Oxford Blues, The Killing Fields, Gothic, Arachnophobia, Leaving Las Vegas, One Night Stand, The Phantom of the Opera, The Million Dollar Hotel, The Scoundrel’s Wife, Curse of the Ring, Ocean’s Thirteen, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Walk Like a Panther, and many more. He wed Sarah Harvey in 1984, and they had a son in 1987.

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