Master Chief Face Reveal: Was There Any Small Sneak Peek Of Master Chief Face In Halo?

When thinking about Halo, it is nearly impossible to avoid drawing comparisons to The Mandalorian. After all, they are both live-action science-fiction series, and both are based on hugely successful franchises that appeal to geeks. let’s find out if there was any Master Chief Face Reveal.

Both came into being to facilitate the introduction of a brand-new streaming service. And in both of them, the protagonist conceals his identity at all times.

Or, at the very least, such was the concept that was initially conceived; but, in Halo Episode 1 on Paramount+, the new series demonstrates that it has failed to grasp the single most significant aspect of the Mandalorian’s helmet. Warning: the following contains some Halo Episode 1 spoilers.

Master Chief Face Reveal

I want you to conjure up an image of Master Chief, the nameless hero of the Halo video game series, in your head right now. Now, while keeping that picture in your mind, take a look at this:

I have nothing personal against Pablo Schreiber (who, in case you were curious, is indeed related to Liev Schreiber, his paternal half-brother), but in no way in a million years did I see Masterchief looking like this.

YouTube video

On the one hand, the fact that the protagonist of Halo is a guy who looks like any other person you may meet at the gym makes a certain amount of logic. On the other side, this completely misses the point of Masterchief in the first place, and it’s a shame because he’s so cool.

The identity of Masterchief’s face has been concealed from the very beginning of the series. This was a decision that was largely driven by a need. When the first Halo game was being developed, its designers were under a great deal of pressure to produce an Xbox game for a console that hadn’t even been released yet.

It was unfortunate, but necessary, that they had to eliminate elements such as the plot, three-dimensional characters, and even a face for their protagonist.

On the other hand, looking back on it now, it seems to have been quite the astute move. Participants might superimpose their own faces onto Masterchief’s hidden visage.

Because of this, even as the story progressed and became more intricate, that rule was never broken in any of the games. It is possible to complete the entirety of the Halo mainline video game franchise without ever having to uncover the identity of Masterchief’s true appearance.

This is because there are a variety of Halo novels and other extra materials that have shown us what was hiding behind the mask.

The experience is taken away from us in just one episode of the Halo series on Paramount+. Was there another approach that might have been taken with this reveal? In order to provide an answer to that issue, we need to refer back to the other great science fiction show about a man who wears a mask over his face.

Halo And The Mandalorian

These two series share a lot of parallels, which we’ve already established, but here’s one more: at some point, the protagonists of each drama take off their masks and expose their true selves.

The one notable distinction is that The Mandalorian held up until the second season before revealing the identity of the renowned person hiding behind the mask. In the meantime, Halo gives away all of the secrets in Episode 1.

Master Chief Face RevealSource: Polygon

As a result, Halo commits a significant mistake. It prevents the audience from having the opportunity to recognize themselves in Masterchief before the character’s true identity is revealed. If he never takes his mask off, it will be tough to develop any emotional connection with him.

The only thing that could be worse would be a man who took off his mask only once and showed us a face to which we had no emotional attachment.

It would not have been difficult for Halo to have followed in Mando’s footsteps by developing its hero over the course of at least a few episodes or even longer. Instead, it failed to consider the most significant aspect of The Mandalorian.

Oh, and there was also Baby Yoda.

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