Mega Millions and Powerball Jackpots Worth $1.2 Billion Are Still Up for Grabs

There are still two big lottery jackpots that are still up for grabs. Together, they are worth more than a billion dollars.

Right now, the Powerball prize is worth about $725 million. On Tuesday night, no one won the Mega Millions, so the prize went up to $560 million.

The Powerball jackpot on Wednesday will be the seventh biggest in the game’s history.

The tweet below verifies the news:

It happened about eight months after a Californian bought the $2.04 billion Powerball ticket that won the biggest prize in the game’s history.

From what people told CBS News Philadelphia, spending the money is the easy part.

“That makes a lot of people very happy. One woman said, “I mean, that would be amazing… it would completely change someone’s life.” “I’d love to be able to buy a house, which is hard to imagine in today’s market, go on vacation, save money, and help my parents,” she said.

One man said he would go on a fun trip with his family.

Experts say that 1 in 25 people will win the jackpot.

Since April 19, there have been 35 draws of Powerball without a prize winner.

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