Educator in Miami Detained After Fracturing 12 Years Old Student’s Arm

A Miami charter school teacher was taken into custody after allegedly breaking a 12-year-old student’s arm. An arrest report stated that Joel Insilo, 30, was detained on Monday and charged with severe child abuse. The charges were lowered to culpable negligence in bond court on Tuesday.

The trouble began on Northwest 110th Street, at the KIPP Miami Public Schools campus. According to his LinkedIn page, Insilo has been employed at the institution as a teacher and “associate dean of culture” since June of 2021.

A 12-year-old pupil was injured when Insilo tried to stop him from playing fight with other students, according to the arrest report. According to the allegation, Insilo grabbed the 12-year-old by both arms and threw him, forcing the child to tumble and land on his left arm.

Miami Teacher Arrested

A broken left arm was one of the injuries that sent the student to the hospital. The Miami Beach resident Insilo was taken into custody. On Tuesday, he went to court and was assigned a public defender and a $1,000 bond. KIPP Miami announced Insilo’s dismissal in a statement on Tuesday.

“We are deeply saddened to confirm that a student was injured yesterday on campus. Our faculty worked swiftly to ensure medical attention was received,” the statement read.

“An investigation has been launched and we are fully cooperating with authorities. As of the time of the incident, the involved employee was removed from campus and is no longer employed at KIPP Miami. We continue to be in contact with the student’s family and are working to support them during this time.”

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