Mitch McConnell Net Worth: How Rich is The US Senator In 2023?

On February 20, 1942, Addison Mitchell McConnell III was born in Sheffield, Alabama. His father was Addison Mitchell McConnell II, and his mother was Julia Shockley. McConnell experienced a polio attack when he was quite young, which immobilized his left upper leg. Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation treated him, preventing him from being permanently crippled.

Mitch McConnell Net Worth

Conservative American politician Mitch McConnell has a $35 million fortune. The longest-serving senator from the state of Kentucky, Mitch McConnell has held the positions of minority and majority leader in the US Senate.

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Family’s Fortune of Mitch McConnell

Sherrill Redmon and Mitch McConnell were wed from 1968 to 1980. Together, they had three kids. In 1993, he wed Elaine Chao. Under George W. Bush and Donald Trump, Elaine held the positions of secretary of labor and secretary of transportation.

James S. C. Chao, a successful Chinese-American shipping entrepreneur, is Elaine’s father. James established the Foremost Group, a shipping corporation with 33 ships under its command and a base in New York. Before debt, Foremost is projected to be worth $1.2 billion.

Mitch McConnell Net Worth

The value of the Chao family’s ownership in Foremost after debt, investments from China’s Export-Import Bank and Taiwan’s First Commercial Bank, is believed to be $600 million. One younger sister, Angela, who works as the CEO, is Elaine’s.

Mitch McConnell had a $3 million net worth prior to 2007. Elaine’s mother passed away in 2007, and Elaine and Mitch received an inheritance that is estimated to be worth $5 to $25 million. As a result, their personal net worth increased to $12.7 million in 2007. Today, their combined net worth exceeds $35 million, making Mitch one of the wealthiest Congressmen.

Mitch McConnell’s Personal Life

In 1968, McConnell wed Sherrill Redmon, who would become his first wife. The couple got divorced in 1980 after having three daughters together. Since then, Redmon has continued her studies in feminist theory at Smith College. In 1993, McConnell wed Elaine Chao, his second wife. President George W. Bush appointed Chao as secretary of labor, and President Donald Trump appointed him secretary of transportation.

In 1997, McConnell established the Washington, D.C.-based James Madison Center for Free Speech, a group dedicated to legal defense. He also serves on the Board of Selectors for the Jefferson Awards for Public Service and was initiated into the Sons of the American Revolution in March 2013.

One of the wealthiest members of Congress is reportedly McConnell. In 2008, after the passing of his wife’s mother, James Chao gave him a special present, which helped him further enhance his riches. In both 2015 and 2019, “Time” magazine ranked him as one of the world’s top 100 most influential people.

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