Who is Novak Djokovic’s Wife? – Here is Everything You Need to Know About Her

Novak Djokovic, a seven-time Wimbledon champion and the current title holder, will continue his third-round match against Hubert Hurkacz on Monday after it was halted due to a curfew on Sunday. The world-renowned Serbian tennis player enjoys the support of his family and team, including his wife Jelena, who will be present in the stands of Centre Court.

Who is Novak Djokovic’s Wife?

Jelena Djokovic, aged 37, is Novak Djokovic’s wife. The couple got married in 2014, but their relationship dates back to their high school days in Serbia. They only started dating around ten years after their first meeting.

The post below is from Jelena’s official IG:

Awkward First Date

In 2016, Djokovic and Jelena recalled their first date, which took place at a bar in Monte Carlo. Novak wanted to impress Jelena and took her to what he thought was an exclusive restaurant. However, the evening took an awkward turn when Novak attempted to order for Jelena, resulting in a misunderstanding.

Jelena humorously shared that it was not what she had expected. The couple’s first date memory is often associated with steak tartare, as Novak mistakenly ordered it and had to explain the misunderstanding to the waiter.

Family Life

Novak Djokovic's Wife

Novak Djokovic and Jelena have two children together. Their son, Stefan, was born in 2014, and their daughter, Tara, followed in 2017. Jelena is also the CEO of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving education and opportunities for children.

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Supporting Team

Among the supporters in Djokovic’s box at Wimbledon is his coach, Goran Ivanisevic. Ivanisevic, a former world No. 2 player, and Wimbledon champion in 2001 provides guidance and expertise to Djokovic during matches. Djokovic’s parents, Dijana and Srdjan, are also frequently seen supporting their son at tournaments.

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