Is Taylor Swift Married to Joe Alwyn?

The news came out on Saturday that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have broken up and she is now single again. The story was on Entertainment Tonight on Saturday, and they said it was friendly and happened a few weeks ago. The Swifties responded quickly, and some thought they were already married.

Since March 17, Swift has been on her Eras Tour, and fans noticed that Alwyn wasn’t there. ET was told by a source that the breakup was the reason.

Then there were reports that they were really married. But a source told Page Six that the rumor is “fully not true.”

The news source also said that she hasn’t been with anyone since the breakup. A source who did not want to be named told the famous celebrity gossip site Deuxmoi that she was seeing someone “older.” A source for Page Six says that she is “100% single.”

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A source told PEOPLE that they broke up because they weren’t a good match and that it was mostly because of “differences in their personalities.”

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They went out together for almost six years but kept their relationship pretty quiet. Page Six said that people thought they were going to get married in 2020 because she looked like she was wearing an engagement ring in her documentary Miss Americana. There was never any proof.

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