One Person Was Killed In A Hit-and-run Accident In Southwest Columbus

Following a collision on Saturday afternoon in Columbus’ southwest, one individual perished. Just after 1:50 p.m., police were called to a collision at the Georgesville and Hall roads intersection.

The operator of a 2008 Nissan Versa was attempting to make a left turn from the northbound lanes of Georgesville Road onto Hall Road, according to the Columbus Division of Police.

According to the police, a Ford F-150 struck the Nissan while driving south on Georgesville Road and ran a red light. A Honda Civic was hit by the F-150 following the original collision.

The Nissan’s driver and a passenger were both carried there; the Nissan passenger eventually passed away.

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Two Ford truck occupants exited the vehicle and entered a Chrysler, which drove away from the scene. The model of the Chrysler was not disclosed by the police.

After being closed for more than two hours, all four lanes of Georgesville Road at Clime Road are finally open.

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