Shark Week 2023: How to Watch a Spectacle of Discovery, Science, and Survival

Shark Week, the beloved summer tradition on the Discovery Channel, is back with a thrilling lineup of jaw-dropping events and groundbreaking scientific findings. From July 23 to July 29, viewers will embark on a seven-day journey through the world of sharks, exploring their behaviors, habitats, and incredible survival strategies.

This year, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star, Jason Momoa, takes on the role of master of ceremonies, following in the footsteps of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who led the charge during Shark Week 2022. Let’s dive into the exhilarating schedule and discover why Shark Week 2023 promises to be the most exciting yet.

Sunday, July 23

The action kicks off with “Belly of the Beast: Feeding Frenzy,” a Shark Week first that takes researchers inside a life-size whale decoy to witness a great white shark feeding frenzy.

Their groundbreaking findings could lead to the discovery of the biggest great white shark in South African history. Next, in “Jaws vs. The Meg,” the colossal MEG shark, once feared as the ultimate predator, faces an intriguing connection with its cousin, the great white shark, as new evidence suggests it might have caused The MEG’s extinction.

The evening continues with “Serial Killer: Red Sea Feeding Frenzy,” where investigators explore the mystery behind deadly shark attacks off Egypt’s Red Sea.

Monday, July 24

Shark Week 2023

Shark Week’s second day begins with “Great White Fight Club,” a daring expedition into New Zealand’s treacherous waters, where experts reveal groundbreaking evidence that female white sharks dominate the ocean, reigning as the ultimate rulers.

Next, “Monster of Bermuda Triangle” uncovers a shocking vanishing case of a pregnant Porbeagle shark in the Bermuda Triangle, raising suspicions of an unknown, monstrous predator. Concluding the day is “Alien Sharks: Strange New Worlds,” an exploration of South Africa’s peculiar hotspot for extraordinary sharks that exhibit bizarre behaviors and appearances.

Tuesday, July 25

“Mako Mania: Battle for California” starts the third day with an adrenaline-filled rivalry between super makos and great white sharks off the coast of Los Angeles. Using state-of-the-art technology, experts seek to unveil the mysteries behind these fierce predators.

The tweet below shows the host of shark week interviewing:

In “Raiders of the Lost Shark,” viewers accompany shark expert Matt Dicken and Shark Week legend Dickie Chivell on a relentless quest to locate the elusive and colossal shark, Dutchess, who mysteriously vanished years ago. The day concludes with “Monster Hammerheads: Killer Instinct,” where Dr. Tristan Guttridge investigates the extraordinary hunting tactics of hammerhead sharks.

Wednesday, July 26

Join “Air Jaws: Final Frontier” to witness the hunt for “Air Jaws” in New Zealand’s hidden launch pad as filmmakers seek the second-ever breaching great white, unearthing history-making secrets.

“Florida Shark: Blood in the Water” follows Paul de Gelder as he dives into the Shark Attack Capital of the World to understand the dangers lurking in these waters and devise strategies to mitigate risks. The day concludes with “Cocaine Sharks,” an intriguing investigation into the rumored cocaine-fueled sharks in the Florida Keys.

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Thursday, July 27

In “Jaws in the Shallows,” Shark Week veteran Dr. Riley Elliott sets out to protect the beaches of New Zealand from terrorizing great whites. He embarks on a quest alongside his wife to safeguard his loved ones from these apex predators.

Next, “Monster Mako: Fresh Blood” features the tracking of twelve-foot-long monster makos as they compete head-to-head with great whites off the coast of California. Using innovative technology, experts dive deep into shark behavior.

Friday, July 28

Prepare for “Tropic Jaws,” where a 16-foot great white shark invades Bali’s warm coast, sparking fears about their potential adaptation to tropical beaches. Dr. Craig O’Connell and Madison Stewart embark on a mission to uncover why these sharks left their cold water home.

In “Deadly Sharks of Paradise,” scientists in South America study shark species responsible for deadly attacks, and marine biologists join a team tracking tiger sharks in Brazil’s tropical archipelago. The day concludes with “Haunting at Shark Tower,” where cinematographer Andy Casagrande and expert Kori Burkhardt investigate a harrowing shark encounter at North Carolina’s Frying Pan Tower.

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Saturday, July 29

The spectacular week concludes with “Dawn of the Monster Mako,” as filmmakers search for a 14-foot giant mako shark in Portugal’s Azores region. Underwater cinematographer Joe Romeiro and marine biologist wife, Lauren, set out to capture this breathtaking beast on film.

Next, “Mega Sharks of Dangerous Reef” explores South Australia’s remote islands believed to harbor some of the biggest white sharks on the planet. While rarely seen, these giant sharks are a sight to behold.

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