Sheila Oliver Net Worth: How Rich Was The American Politician at the Time of Her Death?

A well-known American politician named Sheila Oliver had been the second lieutenant governor of New Jersey since 2018. She passed away on 1st August, 2023. Let’s look into her fortune at the time of her death.

Sheila Oliver Net Worth

When Sheila Oliver sadly passed away in 2023, her estimated net worth was $1 million. She had enough money from her political career.

Sheila Oliver Net Worth: How Rich Was The American Politician at the Time of Her Death?

Sheila Oliver’s Career

Sheila Oliver began her career in the administration and in politics. She started out as a community organizer in Newark, New Jersey, focusing on issues with housing, education, and economic development.

In 2003, Oliver was selected to represent the 34th legislative district in the New Jersey General Assembly.

During her time in the Assembly, she served as chair of the Assembly Human Services Committee and was a member of many other committees, including Budget and Appropriations and Higher Education.

As the first African American woman to lead the New Jersey General Assembly, Oliver created history in 2010. She held this position until 2014, when she decided to leave it to run for lieutenant governor of New Jersey under Phil Murphy.

As lieutenant governor of New Jersey, Oliver has taken part in a number of initiatives aimed at improving education, expanding the supply of affordable housing, and promoting economic growth.

Additionally, she has backed women’s rights and social justice campaigns.

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Sheila Oliver’s Death

Sadly, Sheila Oliver’s untimely death aged 61 has been made public. On August 1st, 2023, she died.

Sheila Oliver cause of death has been cited as clot shot:

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