Tracy Chapman Net Worth: How Much Did The Singer Get in The Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj?

American singer, songwriter, and activist Tracy Chapman. The tracks “Fast Car,” “Talkin’ ’bout A Revolution,” and “Give Me One Reason” are among Tracy Chapman’s best-known works.

Tracy Chapman Net Worth

Tracy Chapman Net Worth is $6 Million at the moment. In Cleveland, Ohio, on March 30, 1964, Tracy Chapman was born. When she was just four years old, her parents got divorced, leaving her mother to raise her. Despite not having much money, her mother purchased her a ukulele when she was three years old since she had a natural musical talent. She started singing and playing the guitar when she was eight years old.

Tracy Chapman Net Worth

By the time she was in the sixth grade, she had also picked up the clarinet. Chapman grew up as an African American amid the period of racial tension and intolerance caused by the desegregation of public schools. She was a welfare recipient who was subjected to racial harassment, bullying, and attacks at school.

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Tracy Chapman’s Personal Life and Social Activism

Throughout her career, Chapman has kept committed to her identity as an activist artist. She was awarded an honorary doctorate in fine arts by her alma mater Tufts University in 2004. She has acknowledged that other organizations have approached her with their own objectives in mind, and she does her best to use her position to raise awareness of social and human rights issues.

She has performed at a Bernie Sanders campaign event and has supported charities like the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Additionally, she launched a “Crossroads in Black History” essay competition for high school students in Cleveland and other locations and campaigned to increase resources for disadvantaged kids in her hometown of Cleveland. She has never been married and has always kept the specifics of her personal life very discreet.

Tracy Chapman’s Lawsuit Against Nicki Minaj

Later in 2020, Chapman won a $450,000 judgment in a case she filed against artist Nicki Minaj alleging copyright infringement. Minaj requested to cover Chapman’s popular song “Baby Can I Hold You,” but Chapman declined. She asserted in a complaint filed in October 2018 that Minaj continued to exploit snippets of her song as inspiration for the rapper’s single “Sorry.” And in a judgement from December 2020, a judge concurred.

Tracy Chapman’s Real Estate

Tracy bought a house in Half Moon Bay, California, in 1997 for $970,000. She appears to have obtained $5 million for the one-acre property in November 2017.

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