Watch the Dash Cam Video of the Collision That Sent the Trooper Over the Edge of the Bridge

The suspect vehicle slams into one of two Colorado State Patrol vehicles, throwing one officer over the edge of the bridge, as seen in newly released dash cam footage from the weekend. The nearly six-minute video begins at roughly 3:45 a.m., when Colorado State Patrol officers react to a call about a minor injury crash on Interstate 270 in Adams County, not far from the Interstate 76 intersection.

While officers were looking into the incident, another speeding automobile came in, drove through the traffic cones set up by troopers, and collided with the police car, pushing it several feet in the direction of one of the responding officers.

As the car speeds toward him, Trooper Kevin Bagley backs out of the way and plunges over the railing, landing roughly 30 feet below on the bank of the South Platte River. At a press conference on Monday, Colorado State Patrol chief Colonel Matthew Packard said that Bagley, a two-year member of the state patrol, is lucky to be alive.

The tweet below verifies the news:

“By the grace of God, today, I’m standing here talking about patrol cars being hit, and not people losing their lives on Saturday morning,” he said. “And, unequivocally, it’s sheer luck.” According to Packard, 12 patrol cars have been attacked this year while troopers were on duty.

According to Packard, there is a 50% increase in first responder-related crashes compared to 2016, when there were only eight such crashes documented involving CSP vehicles. “I’m asking for everybody’s help,” Packard pleaded with Coloradans Monday.

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“Lives are dependent upon decisions that are made behind the wheel of a car.  That’s it. And you have one job when you’re driving a car, and that’s to do it responsibly.” Packard said the driver of the automobile that collided with the patrol cruiser, sending the trooper careening into the South Platte River, was taken to the hospital and then arrested.

Cesar Ayala Manriquez, 30, has been arrested and charged with assault by vehicle and dangerous driving. There may be other charges to come.

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