Who Is Don Lorenzo Salviati? Everything About The Ex-Husband Of Beverly D’Angelo

Beverly D’Angelo is speaking up about her marriage to Italian duke Don Lorenzo Salviati and their whirlwind relationship.

After getting married in a private ceremony during Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas in 1981, Salviati, then 24 years old, said this of the star of National Lampoon’s Vacation: “I love Beverly because she sees life with the eyes of a child but experiences it with the heart of a woman.”

At the time, “it didn’t occur to us to inform anyone,” as D’Angelo put it, about their wedding. “We did it for ourselves,” they said.

D’Angelo claims that the couple’s wedding weekend trip off the coast of Los Angeles on a hired yacht went awry when they filled the petrol tank with water instead of gasoline.

“Then a storm hit, leaving us stranded between Catalina and Marina del Rey. In a word, it was terrifying.” However, by the time they were rescued, the topic of marriage had somehow come up, and the pair jetted off to a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

Who is Lorenzo Salviati, the man D’Angelo divorced amicably in the ’90s when she realized she was in love with Al Pacino? Read on to learn everything there is to know about D’Angelo’s ex-husband.

When He And D’Angelo Met, Don Lorenzo Salviati Was A Student At The University Of Southern California

According to a recent interview D’Angelo gave, she first sought to get Don Lorenzo Salviati number from the prince’s cousin, princess Claudia Ruspoli, during a party in Saint Tropez, France. in 1981; the duke was a business major at USC.

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“My cousin Lorenzo is an economics major at the University of Southern California, she said. My phone number disappeared. No, I didn’t look him up. “Recently, D’Angelo said in an interview.

Yet when she returned to Los Angeles, “this lovely dude strolled in,” as D’Angelo said. This person was identified as Salviati.

“That gathering was actually a surprise birthday bash that everyone had accidentally crashed. And Lorenzo strolled in here from his Roosevelt Hotel suite and announced, “Okay, too many crashers here.” To mark the occasion, I’ve invited some friends over to the living room to help me celebrate. Please, Beverly, enter this room.”

She stated, “And I looked at Lorenzo, and I went, ‘I’m not going.'” However, Lorenzo eventually won her heart.

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While D’Angelo Is Best Remembered For Her Role As Ellen, Don Lorenzo Salviati Co-starred In National Lampoon’s Vacation

Don Lorenzo Salviati had his only acting job, playing Griswold alongside Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983).

According to his IMDB website, Don Lorenzo Salviati played a bar piano player in an uncredited role in the film.

She was “so confident that I wasn’t the appropriate person,” D’Angelo told recently, but Salviati persuaded her to play Ellen anyway.

“But Beverly, look at this, he said after reading it. Wow, this is hilarious. “D’Angelo added that Salviati admired Randy Quaid’s obnoxious portrayal of Cousin Eddie, saying that the character was a big hit with Salviati. The man remarked, “He’s hilarious!”

During their marriage, D’Angelo and Salviati came to an agreement that he would not be concerned with her royal status.

D’Angelo Did Not Care About Don Lorenzo Salviati Royal Title — And They Had An Understanding During Their Marriage

“I was not the type to brag, “Look at me, I’m a duchess!” D’Angelo said that she didn’t care because she considered Don Lorenzo Salviati her “soulmate” “Both then and now.

The New York Times stated in 1992 that during their brief five-year marriage, D’Angelo and Salviati resided on his 7,000-acre estate in Pisa, Italy.

Don Lorenzo SalviatiSource: People

After a while of being with Larry, I remember thinking, “This is a poor marriage, but it would make a terrific mini-series.” D’Angelo said at the time to the media outlet.

She revealed that during their marriage, D’Angelo and Salviati had an agreement that they would have separate fun, “but if there were any issues or whatever, we’d come back together.”

“When I got married, I assumed the boys would be relieved since there would be “no duty here.” When I told Al Pacino about my deal, he responded, “Well, that’s ridiculous.” “…she explained.

D’Angelo claims that Don Lorenzo Salviati first resisted when he told her that he had fallen in love with another man.

“Oh, that’s ridiculous, he said. Who can possibly find this kind of harmonious partnership to be absurd? That actor… who is he? “Well, it’s Al Pacino,” I remarked. Al Pacino, he says, “is great. I’m madly in love with him. So, we’re splitting up!”

D’Angelo recently said that her romance with Salviati “was a perfect love match.”

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